Our Story

"Hanacation" is named after Hawaiian word "Hana" (Work) and "Vacation".  Hawaii is one of the top destinations for workcation, the new-age work style.  

Hanacation is one of the first and only "workleisure" brand, locally designed to keep the authenticity and internationally sourced to keep the cost down.  Our goal is to provide the most versatile, functional yet stylish that match your break wear and your office look.  

"Our work and our lives are meshing together and so are our wardrobes" 

Although technology and the trend is allowing us to work from anywhere anytime, more stress is being built up as there is no boundaries between your personal and professional life. We start replying to your business counter parts from 5am, take care of some work at 10pm and texting on weekends! (I am sure many people can relate to this.)

No matter where you are in the world, we all have 24 hours a day.  Most of us work 8 hours a day and sleep 8 ours a day. The rest of the 8 hours is spent doing housework, picking up kids from school, buying presents for others, grocery shopping, cooking, catching up on work, visiting doctors and the list goes on.   

So nothing is left for "Me Time" unless you intentionally create time and squeeze them into any of the 8 hours pie. "Hanacation" will serve as a reminder to have balance in life and be "selfish" to be happy and make others happy as well. 

We are committed to design our products 100% locally, but source overseas to keep the cost as reasonable as possible.   Our products are full of "Aloha" to let your daily stress away.   

 Hanacation はストレスフリーな商品をハワイでデザインし、世界に発信しています。リモートワークで通勤のストレスから解放されたと思ったら、私生活と仕事の境界線が消えて脳が常にONモードで活動して気づいたら通勤時代よりもストレスが溜まっていたという方も増えています。